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About Us

We are a small publishing organization based in Durham, North Carolina, USA. Our goals are publishing translated works of the scholars of Islam and students of knowledge and disseminating that material to English speakers in order to make accessible the knowledge of the scholars and preserve the pure teachings of Islam by way of this.


The Prophet said:

“The scholars are inheritors of the Prophets and they did not inherit the deenar nor dirham (i.e a particular type of currency within Arab countries) but they only inherited knowledge…”

So the true source in which knowledge should be sought from is the scholars of Islam.  The publishing was founded and managed by Abu Anas Atif Hasan of Durham, North Carolina. I (Atif Hasan) and Abu 'Amr Ibrahim al-Maghribi, are the main translators with al-Binaa Publishing.

We ask Allah to make this a benefit for ourselves and the Muslims

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