Advice for the one just beginning in his steadfastness upon the Sunnah in order to remain firm ...

A Question asked to Shaykh Ali ar-Ramli حفظه الله

Question: What is your advice for the one just beginning in his steadfastness upon the Sunnah in order to remain firm upon it?

Answer: The first matter: is that he increases in supplicating for steadfastness and particularly the supplication: “O turner of the hearts, make firm our hearts upon your religion”, since the Prophet ﷺ used to supplicate with this.

- The second matter: that he be diligent upon knowing and being acquainted with the Salafi scholars, sticking to them and not leaving their statements.

- The third matter: that he be diligent upon accompanying righteous salafees and sticking with them to the best of his ability.

- The fourth matter: that he avoids the people of innovations and desires and avoids mixing with them and anyone who may harm him in his religion and distance him from his Lord and he should minimize mixing with those who will not benefit him in his religion.

- The fifth matter: that he is strives in seeking knowledge and is diligent in reading the books on manhaj. Likewise he should make for himself a time – even if little – for reading the Quran and its Tasfeer and reading the Sunnah and its explanations, particularly the aHadeeth of at-targheeb and at-tarheeb (i.e. Those narrations which encourage good and discourage evil).

- The sixth matter: that he avoids fitan (i.e. trials) and does not enter into them. And he should always be diligent in (returning to and) asking the Salafi scholars.

Source: majmoo’a ad-Deen al-Qayyim

Translated by Abu Anas Atif Hasan

سؤال : ما هي نصيحتكم لمن استقام على السنة حديثا للثبات عليها ؟

الجواب :

الأمر الأول : يكثر من الدعاء بالثبات وخصوصا من قول يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلوبنا على دينك فالنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم كان يدعو به .

الأمر الثاني : يحرص على معرفة العلماء السلفيين ويلزمهم ولا يخرج عن أقوالهم .

الأمر الثالث : يحرص على مصاحبة السلفيين الصالحين وملازمتهم قدر الاستطاعة

الأمر الرابع : يجتنب أهل البدع وأصحاب الأهواء ويجتنب مخالطتهم ومخالطة كل من يضره في دينه ويبعده عن ربه ويقلل من مخالطة من لا ينفعه في دينه .

الأمر الخامس : يجتهد في طلب العلم ويحرص على قراءة كتب المنهج ويجعل له وقتا ولو قليلا في قراءة القرآن وتفسيره وقراءة السنة وتفسيرها وخصوصا أحاديث الترغيب والترهيب .

الأمر السادس : يجتنب الفتن ولا يدخل فيها ويحرص على سؤال العلماء السلفيين دائما .

فضيلة شيخنا عليا الرملي حفظه الله

“مجموعة الدين القيم”