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Golden Advice

*💥Golden Advice💥*

Shaykh Muhammad Bāzmūl (May Allah preserve him) stated:

_In order for you to be successful, by the permission of Allah._

✅Know your mistake.

✅Acknowledge it and do not be arrogant and bypass it.

✅Do not repeat the (same) mistake twice.

✅Benefit from the mistake by knowing it, and do not fall into it again.

✅Failure isn’t that you make a mistake. But rather, failure is that you make the same mistake twice.

✅And it comes in the Noble Hadīth,” *The believer isn’t stung from the same hole twice.*”

✅Praise Allah for guiding you to the truth, and giving you the success to accept it. And supplicate to Him to aid you to act upon it.

✅ Acknowledge the virtue of the one who directed you to the truth, and thank him for it. For indeed, one has not truly thanked Allah, unless he has thanked the people.

Source: Shaykh Muhammad Bāzmūl’s Official FB page

Translated by: Muhammad Abouharb

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