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About Us

Preserving the pure teaching of Islam

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At Al-Binaa Publishing, our mission is to disseminate the knowledge of Islam by publishing translated works of the scholars and students of knowledge. We believe that it is important to preserve the pure teachings of Islam. Our dedication to this goal is evident in every page of our books and articles, which are carefully selected and translated by our team. Abu Anas Atif Hasan being the founder and Abu 'Amr Ibrahim Hamouni al-Maghribi and Abdelali Jourari al-Maghribi being the main contributors and translators. We strive to spread authentic Islamic knowledge by producing translations of works focusing on that which is authored or transmitted by reputable scholars and students of knowledge. Our goal is to provide accessible and clear translations of Islamic literature that can be understood by English-speaking readers. We believe in preserving and promoting the true teachings of Islam while catering to the needs and interests of our readers. Our commitment to this mission is unwavering with the aid and permission of Allah, and we hope to continue serving the community through our publications and work.

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